Nurturing awareness through photography

Leaving your everyday stresses behind and making positive change

Ocean and sand

Take Notice

When was the last time you actually felt the texture of a wall, breathed in the smell of a woodland or just sat and truly listened to the sound of the sea or birdsong? Mindful Photography encourages you to do this and make a lasting and meaningful change in your life.

Sand and ocean


Mindful Photography is a process which engages the senses and encourages photographers of all abilities to take notice, slow down and think how they want to present their photographic image.

Clear water at the beach


Mindful Photography, sometimes known as contemplative photography, allows you to take some time out and begin to nurture awareness in yourself and your surroundings. Our previous participants noticed that their anxiety levels reduce, they become more patient and motivated in their daily lives.

Don’t hurry, don’t worry and don’t forget to smell the flowers.

Walter Hagen

Accessible to everyone

Spending time in nature is beneficial because it allows you to become more grounded, relaxed and re-energised. We provide a welcoming environment that offers you the chance to try a new technique. Using the five natural senses we explore the connections between well-being and nature in a safe environment.

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Working alongside individuals, groups and organisations facilitating photography projects to support well-being.

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1:1 Classes available for individuals or small groups, both online or face to face subject to covid restrictions

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