Trying something new can be worrying because you might think you lack the skills or are going to be put on the spot. Here are some common concerns below, many people feel the same before they start, but making you feel safe and secure is our main priority.

Q: Help! I am a total beginner…..

A: All projects assume no previous photographic knowledge however it is expected that you know how to switch your device on and review your photo.

Q: I am feeling really nervous about meeting new people…..

A: I am an experienced facilitator with extensive experience working in mental health settings. Most groups are limited in size. On the making connections package you have the option to remain anonymous to other users, this could be a good entry level project.

Q: I don’t have a professional camera…..

A: And you don’t need one! You can make your images on any photographic device you choose; a smartphone, DSLR, tablet, film camera. Please note photography tuition is not part of the mindful photography packages, please see below if you need extra support in using your device.

Q: I have a camera/tablet/smartphone device but I am not very sure how to use it….

A: Ask about out our bespoke Getting Off Auto workshops. Please note tuition is not part of the standard mindful photography packages and will be charged extra if required. These are usually delivered over 5-8 week classes live over zoom and google classroom. However by simply taking part in a project you build up natural confidence with your device and extra tuition is often not necessary.

Q: I don’t want to be in any exhibitions or appear on any websites…..

A: This is the beauty of projects with Mindful Photography UK, the participants choose what they disclose. We will not work with organisations who insist on final exhibitions if that goes against participant’s wishes

Q: Is this like counselling?

A: No, this is not therapy and I am not a trained counsellor, however I work with other organisations so you feel fully supported at all times. My demonstrated working background in photography, mental health, teaching and professional therapeutic photography facilitation will give you the reassurance you need.

Q: Is it all online?

A: Yes, all the packages are currently deliverable online. You will need an email address, stable internet access and all classes are delivered over zoom.

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