Shed Some Light On It

I have loved working in collaboration with Helmsley Art Centre in January whilst we invited seven participants to literally come and ‘Shed Some Light On It’ throughout the dark month of January. We discovered that if you look close enough, January is actually full of beauty and if you just try to strip it all back, there is so much to see right there on the doorstep.

One of the participants wrote about her experience in her blog which you can read here She talks about her favourite task in the first week where we literally stopped and observed. We found our view, the place where we decided there and then we would return to each week throughout the project. This might be a view that we feel grounds us or provides some comfort. I encouraged the group to explore all of their senses and Sarah even managed to enjoy a drink whilst she was there.

As facilitator I always take part in the projects myself. This view above has provided a lot of support to me during Covid 19 lockdown and I have visited it on a daily basis, nearly every day now for a year. Going back and revisiting a scene can feel very secure and reassuring. Noticing how its beauty can change with the light and prevailing weather conditions is a subtle reminder about our daily lives and how we react to situations.

Shed some light on it was a fantastic project and the participants spoke about the impact afterwards;

“it gave me confidence in my creativity, helped me with everyday motivation and even spilled over positively into other areas of my life…”

“It made me less impatient”

“I let things go of things that didn’t matter that much, I felt more resilient”

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