Another project combining words and images

Next course starts 5th September 2022

We’ve just completed another Open the Door Mindful Photography Project and I hope to share some more photos very soon.

Open the Door 🚪

An online Mindful Photography course book via link ⬇️

One initial meet-up online 5th September at 7:30pm

Many opportunities to chat 1:1 over zoom and discuss mindful photography and share images.

Take the rest of the course at your own pace and share your images with the rest of the group

The project is open to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of photographic skill or experience.

I am an experienced tutor and facilitator and will help you explore the positive effect photography can have upon our well-being.

100% of previous participants said they felt more connected socially.

100% of previous participants said they would recommend the project to a friend or family member.

Some recent quotes 👧

“I’d recommend this type of project to anyone because it helps motivate you without too much pressure, gives you something to focus on and can give you a sense of connection and achievement”,

What do you need? 📷

You can use whichever device you choose to make your photographs; a smartphone, tablet or camera.

You will need access to the internet and an email address. 📱

What will you gain?

• You can feel in control of your own wellbeing and decision making

• By sharing your images you can help to reduce your social isolation and build structure into your days

• You will be able to build and improve your IT skills and confidence

• By sharing your skills you will be able to improve your connections within the community

• You can develop coping strategies for the future

• You will develop focus and motivation by taking daily photographs, you will hopefully see that your exercise levels will also increase

Full course £50

📧 if you have any questions

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