A distant memory

Well my holiday to Rannoch Moor which was only a few weeks past now seems like a lifetime ago!

Now back to ‘real life’, I often have to use my own Mindful Photography techniques to calm down, de-stress and get some perspective.

Rannoch Loch a couple of weeks ago

Did you know we have a free Mindful Photography Project running in Facebook groups?

This month our theme is ‘spectacular to me’. No judgement, just the capture of those beautiful little moments you notice everyday – and yes they are worth going back to photograph no matter how busy you are.

You can find the Facebook community group here ….


In the group I set the theme once a month and members find the topic pinned to the top of the page, so if life gets busy, they can always pick up and rejoin when they want to – no pressure.

Beach at Loch Laiden

With facebook’s new feature to post anonymously this means that members feel safe to post ( I see the post and approve it first ). This is a welcoming, friendly group so please do come over and join us. The community initially began as a local group in a market town north of York after a course called the Five Days in Between to bridge the gap between Christmas and New Year when many people can feel isolated. It has now attracted members from all round the UK.

I have a new course starting in September called Open the Door. It is a simple way to slow down, take notice and feel part in something without too much commitment. Over the five weeks you can dip in and out when you want to. It’s online with optional 1:1 phone calls, zooms or meet ups if you’re local.

This will be the third time I’ve delivered it and many people in this group have enjoyed and benefitted.

WordPress image of Glencoe

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