About Me

I am never happier than when outside and I like to use photography and nature to help provide the motivation to exercise

The perfect combination

I was very lucky to be brought up in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders and have now settled in the equally beautiful North Yorkshire. From 2009 I developed my own model for combining photography and well-being to mental health based partners within the city of York. I then went onto lead a York Mind mental health project in rural North Yorkshire which provided support for up to twenty participants; using creativity to help manage mental health difficulty and reduce social isolation. I love photography, being creative, walking, fresh air and so sharing mindful photography has to be the perfect job for me! I am trained in mental health first aid, participatory and therapeutic photography and I love sharing the positive effects with new groups and individuals.

I continue to engage with a diverse range of client groups; those with a learning or physical disability, those who have engaged in the criminal justice system, participants who have experienced mental health difficulty or forms of abuse and busy families wanting to increase their activity levels and improve well-being.

In 2019 I was awarded Community Teacher of the year in my role as Community Learning Tutor

Why I love mindful photography

My working life has always been community based. I have seen so many people benefit from this approach to wellbeing and even one session can have a life changing effect upon daily perspective.

The approach promotes self esteem

I enjoy encouraging people to share photos, this helps build self esteem and resilience, therefore reducing social isolation within communities

It builds long term skills

I support people in learning new skills and enjoy helping them develop their own coping strategies for the future

It promotes independence

Working together, especially online supports people in building IT independence.

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