The process – working with partners

Mindful photography is part of a wider process known as therapeutic photography where we use images to start conversations, enhance communication and explore our own stories.

We share images and captions, exploring our narrative in a safe space, perhaps even challenging it and moving in a direction where we feel in control.

We work in collaboration with mental health organisations and professionals to create a bespoke programme to meet the needs of your groups or individuals. Workshops can sometimes be a very personal and emotional experience and by working together with counsellors and psychotherapists, we can ensure you feel fully supported at all times.

“the meaning of the photos changed for me as the project progressed; I reflected on the reason I’d uploaded them and sometimes saw other meanings in them. I managed to process quite a lot and became motivated in other areas of my life, areas where I was struggling… I actually started to get stuff done !”

Participant feedback, January 2021

A photograph used in a recent session exploring loss

The group always decides how they will display their work which ranges from private journals to public exhibitions

An exhibition at York Library Explore

“high levels of emotional intelligence and sensitivity demonstrated”

Feedback received from an assessed session where photography was used to communicate an experience of abuse

Nov 2019

“Learners were able to talk honestly and

openly about very personal prior experience”

Some recent images used when exploring the theme of identity during a therapeutic photography session

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