The final event of the year

🌈 Needing a break from it all ?

🌳 Want to get back to nature but can’t find the time ?

📷 Have a camera lying around but haven’t used it in a while ?

Come and join me in the final event of the year for Mindful Photography UK; a full day of gentle exploration in a stunning environment.

This event can be a gift to yourself; a full day of relaxation, where you can wind down and learn some mindful photography techniques.

This will be a small group and there will be plenty of time to speak with me on an individual basis.

This is not about photographic tuition, but about finding techniques to help you connect with nature in a really gentle way that you can keep revisiting over and over.

No special camera equipment is required – images can be taken on a smartphone, tablet or camera.

Lunch will be included so click below on the booking link and feel free to email me any questions in advance

Or phone 07709325823


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