Look for the light on bank holiday weekend

Happy Bank Holiday Everyone ❤️ https://express.adobe.com/page/up90156sqdhn1/ If you’re wondering what to do this week come and join a lovely friendly group on Facebook ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️

End of a wonderful project

I’d love to share a video from the recent Mindful Photography UK Project Open the Door. I delivered the initial project during lockdown whilst teaching photography online and it was of course also strongly influenced by my favourite poem by Czech poet Miroslav Holub. You can see some of the participant images in this shortContinue reading “End of a wonderful project”

I’ve changed the format of the mindful photography project in Facebook groups. The group voted for monthly themes to be set which allowed them more time to explore each subject and reflect. We’ve had some beautiful images so far for this months theme which is simply entitled, “ a still life “.

If you’d like to join the free group you can search us on this link below 👇 https://www.facebook.com/groups/682148979380076/

Summary of the recent “Open the Door” project – by Mindful Photography UK, October 2021

I recently delivered, my “Open the Door” project; a unique five week online project to help support participants experience mindful photography techniques and feel even more connected with nature. We met online to discuss the format of the project and explore what the participants really wanted to gain from their time together. 80% of participantsContinue reading “Summary of the recent “Open the Door” project – by Mindful Photography UK, October 2021”

All workshop dates and links here !

All up to date links to book onto the next Mindful Photography Workshops

I Belong – Leeds University

I am really pleased to be shortlisted to deliver a wellbeing project to Leeds University Students as part of the I Belong initiative this year. The purpose of this is to support students strengthen their connections on campus. What better way to start your mindful photography journey than by exploring the vibrant city of LeedsContinue reading “I Belong – Leeds University”